Next Superstar To Demand A Trade: Panel Of Experts Have Decided

Two years ago it was James Harden and Ben Simmons. Last year it was Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. This year, it's Harden again, and Damian Lillard. 

In the ongoing NBA soap opera that we'll call As The Superstar Turns, a panel of ESPN NBA experts have picked the next superstars to demand a trade, and it's topped by an expected candidate, due to the fallout from the latest Harden saga. 

The voting breaks down like this:

1. Joel Embiid (40% of total votes)

2. Zion Williamson (20%)
3. Karl-Anthony Towns (12%)
4. Trae Young (8%)
4. Kyrie Irving (8%)
6. Ja Morant (4%)
6. Donovan Mitchell (4%)
6. Luka Doncic (4%)

No surprise to see Embiid at the top of the list. He's already made comments this summer that he's intent on winning a championship "in Philly or somewhere else," and with the Harden controversy likely dragging on into the season, he could really start to be fed up quick. 

As for Zion, in 2nd spot, it might be more likely to see the New Orleans Pelicans decide to move on from him before he asks for a trade himself. He simply hasn't been able to stay healthy in his four seasons in the league, playing just 36% of his team's games. 

For Towns, Trae, Luka and Ja, a change of scenery might be order for any of all of these stars for different reasons. For Doncic, KAT and Young, simply because they haven't been able to elevate their teams to the next level, and they could get frustrated and ask to move on, while for Morant, his gun issues last season have left a sour taste in many mouths and it might be time for a fresh start. 

As for Kyrie being on the list... Well, why wouldn't he be. Irving demanding out of a situation wouldn't shock anyone, anywhere at anytime. 

 Photo: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports