NBA Rumors: Clippers Showing Interest in Two Multi-Time All-Star Guards

The Los Angeles Clippers have some big-name multi-time All-Stars as potential free agents this offseason, but according to reports, they've already got their eyes on landing one of two other long-time All-Stars for the backcourt. 

 Per NBA Insider Marc Stein:

I ... heard this week that (Chris) Paul and Kyle Lowry, whose free agency is looming after finishing (this) season in Philadelphia, are veteran guards said to interest the Clippers ... with a further variable to factor in stemming from Russell Westbrook's still-to-be determined status. Westbrook has a $4 million player option for next season that he must decide on by June 29.

Paul, a 12-time All-Star might or might not be available, as the Golden State Warriors must decide by June 28 whether to guarantee his $30 million salary for next season, or to waive him or trade him. CP3 was part of the Lob City Clippers in the middle of the last decade for six seasons. 

James Harden was the starting point guard for LA this past season after they acquired him at the start of the year, but he is going into free agency if an extension isn't signed soon, while backup point Russell Westbrook has a decision to make on a $4 million player option. And then of course there's the Paul George situation, as he has a $48.7 million decision to make on his contract, or he could also become a free agent. 

That's 28 All-Star selections among the three of them that may or may not be back with the Clippers (it's widely assumed that Harden will be back, as he really doesn't have any other suitors). 

We'll see if the Clippers pursue Paul or Lowry to fill a role in the backcourt. 

Photo: © Bob Kupbens-USA TODAY Sports