NBA Trade Rumors: Proposed Blockbuster Would Bring Booker To New York


The Phoenix Suns head into the summer after a playoff dud — the 'Big Three' getting swept out of the postseason by the Minnesota Timberwolves. So what next? The team is cap-strapped due to the massive contracts owned by Kevin Durant, Devin Booker and Bradley Beal. 

Is a trade of one of them on the way? The New York Knicks are desperate to get their hands on Booker, according to several reports.

“He and Jalen Brunson would form an electrifying, high-scoring backcourt for one the NBA’s most pleasant surprises, and according to a source, New York would be willing to offer almost anything to make that pairing happen.”

Stephen A. Smith, take that as you may, says that Booker is dying to come to the Big Apple. 

Yes, Booker has spoken about Madison Square Garden being his favorite arena in the league, but most insiders in Phoenix say that he does not want to leave the desert. 

But ok, let's say a Booker trade to the Knicks does somehow make its way onto the table. Brett Siegel of Clutch Points has proposed this deal that would, hypothetically, get it done. 

Suns Would Receive:

  • Julius Randle
  • Donte DiVincenzo
  • Miles (Deuce) McBride
  • Numerous 1st-Round Picks

Knicks Would Receive:

  • Devin Booker

With Book's $49.3 million contract, the combined salaries of those three Knicks would total $46.4 million next season, allowing this proposal to pass the trade machine test. The Knicks, in addition, have 12 different first-round picks to choose from. 

It's a wild longshot still, as Booker appears to want to ride out his entire career in Phoenix. But, hey, we've seen far crazier things happen in the NBA. 

Photo: © Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports