Andre Iguodala has nothing but love for LeBron James

If you ask Andre Iguodala what its like guarding LeBron James, he will tell you it's like trying to guard the top talent to ever play in the NBA.

Iggy, who is off to his 6th straight finals, met up with ESPN's Marc Spears and spoke about what it's like to go to four straight finals against LBJ and be the one person who has guarded LeBron more than anyone else in the league since the 2015 Finals...

You just got to have that will, understanding you’re guarding the top talent ever. He’s going to make you pay when you make mistakes. You just try to play mistake-free basketball. Put him in vulnerable situations where you feel like you got the advantage, whether it’s a shot or a pass or where he is defensively.

Iguodala who was a track star at the University of Arizona will have to win each sprint, jump each hurdle and try and help his Heat teammates win the marathon better known as the NBA Finals. 

Good thing this is an old song and dance for Iggy. 

Photo credit:  Christophe Elise/Icon Sportswire