Udonis Haslem is eating Chunky Soup over the NBA's menu

Udonis Haslem's taste buds has landed him some free soup. The Miami Heat forward admitted recently he has been eating Campbell's Chunky Soup instead of the food being offered in the NBA's bubble, and the company got word and hooked the Heat up.

Campbell Soup Co. sent 192 cases of soup according to Marc Spears of ESPN, and has now built a little partnership with the Heat as they take on the Lakers in the Finals. While Haslem mentioned he took 40 cans to his hotel room for him and his teammates, the rest of the cans are headed for a homeless shelter in Orlando.

Good people, as Haslem had this to say about the soup shipment:

I am going to ship some to some [homeless] shelters and I am going to give some to my teammates because these young boys don’t know anything about Campbell’s soup. They’re tripping. They just know the old Campbell’s chicken noodle soup. They don’t know there are like, 50 different flavors. You got the corn chowder. You got the chicken potpie. You got the roast beef. They don’t understand all that. I’m trying to upgrade them. 

Photo credit:  Mark Halmas/Icon Sportswire