Golden State targeting some big names for the #2 overall pick

The Golden State Warriors got rewarded for being terrible last year, and it wasn't even their fault. The team battled injuries to their superstars and it certainly showed in the win column. A 15-50 season is something the team never thought would happen with this core, but sometimes you take an 'L' to the injury bug and that's exactly what happened for the Warriors. However, it's become a blessing in disguise for this upcoming season as the team now holds the #2 overall pick, and it's being reported by ESPN's Tim Bontemp, the team will be trading the pick.

Makes sense as they can re-tool on the fly and land themselves some serious NBA-proven talent along the way. Here's who the Warriors have been targeting:

1. Jrue Holiday - the defensive prodigy has two years left on his deal that includes a player option and would be the perfect fit for the Warriors. He can take the load off of Klay and Steph and handle the other team's best guard with ease. Also - this would mean the Pelicans can select LaMelo Ball at #2 and pair the Ball brothers in New Orleans with Zion Williamson. Everybody wins.


2. Joel Embiid - the big man would cost much more than the #2 overall pick and Andrew Wiggins, but perhaps the Warriors are willing to go all-in on the superstar big. It doesn't feel at this point the 76ers are ready to blow this thing up as they have been linked to acquiring Chris Paul. Perhaps a GSW/76ers trade could be in the works....but the name to watch would be Tobias Harris. 


3. Bradley Beal - The 27-year-old sharpshooter would give the Warriors another deadly knock-down shooter. Would Washington be willing to move him is the question? The #2 overall pick and Andrew Wiggins is a decent start, but if Washington is going to acquire him, they prefer Draymond Green coming the other way. Keep an eye on these two teams, something big could be brewing.

The Golden State Warriors hold the #2 pick at this year's draft. Nobody saw this coming for the team when last year began, even with knowing Klay Thompson was going to be 'missing' the year. Usually with the #2 pick, you land a can't-miss blue chip prospect, turns out Golden State has other ideas.


Photo credit: Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire