Celtics Marcus Smart reveals details about the locker room blow up

Marcus Smart is one of the fiercest competitors in the NBA. This fire comes on both sides of the ball, and if Smart isn't happy about something, he's never shy to speak up. 

Smart took some time away from his downtime around the pool to catch up with the Athletics' Sam Amick. Smart opened up about the infamous blow up that occurred after game 2 of the eastern conference finals where Jaylen Brown and Smart were seen and heard yelling and apparently throwing things at each other. 

Smart was pissed the team blew a huge lead down the stretch and it turns out something else was weighing on him emotionally. Smart admitted the two-year anniversary of his mother's passing, which was the day before the game, was really hitting him hard.

His mom, Camellia, died at 63 after losing her battle with bone marrow cancer, and she was everything to Smart and his brothers. Smart has also lost one of his brothers, Todd, who passed away to cancer at 33 back in 2004.

It was just — we were all disappointed. It was just disappointing. We lost two games that we should have won, and nobody was happy. I probably would have felt in trouble with the team as a team — like, we would’ve felt in trouble — if everybody was calm. After a Game 2 loss, up 17, up 14, two games and we lost it. We’re a great team and we’re playing against a great team, so we know we can’t have those types of meltdowns. So yeah, we were all disappointed. And when you’ve got a bunch of brothers who are disappointed, emotions fly and sometimes you’ve got to yell just to get it out and move on. It was one of those nights (laughs).

Look for Smart and the Celtics to build on their latest win and try to get a 'Chip for his Momma. Ask anyone around the league, they want Marcus Smart on their team. 


Photo credit:  Morgan Hancock/Actionplus/Icon Sportswire 

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