LeBron James goes from a Hookah Lounge back to the NBA Finals

To say LeBron James is a basketball rat, would be a massive understatement. Call him a hardcore hooper, a ball-nerd, call him obsessed, call him whatever you like, he don't care. One thing you can call him with conviction is the fact he's on fire, leading his team to the NBA finals for the 10th year in his career. Back to the Finals after the Lakers didn't make the playoffs last season. You would think LeBron took some time away from the game?  Nope, not a chance.

LeBron told ESPN's Rachel Nichols he was locked into the playoffs last year, even though his team was no where to be found:

There were a couple games where I was at home. There was one or two games where I was in Cabo, and there was a couple games where I was at a hookah lounge during the Finals last year. That's the truth. I wasn't smoking hookah, but I was there.... the game was on in Cabo, the game was on in my house, and at the hookah lounge. I watched every single minute of the games until they stopped. I actually watched every single postseason game last year.



Good news Lakers fans. The only smoke LeBron will be blowing is from the court and against the Miami Heat in this year's NBA Finals.  

Photo credit: Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire