Patrick Mahomes Wants The Toronto Raptors in Kansas City

If Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes gets his wish, the Toronto Raptors will be playing their home games next season out of Kansas City.

Now the city's mayor is involved and the momentum is picking up as Kansas City becomes the second American city in a week that's been rumored to be hosting Raptors games next season. With the border restraints and isolation protocols in place between the US and Canada, there's a slight chance the Raptors may not be able to play any basketball in Canada.

However, there's been recent reports surfacing suggesting due to rapid testing at Airports, this will make it feasible for the Raps and their guests to be crossing the border on a regular basis.

While the initial reports of the Raptors not playing in Toronto blindsided management, let's see if Mahomes' name holds any weight and sways MLSE to consider joining the Super Bowl champs and creating a city of champions. 

Or, something like that.

Photo credit: Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire