Serge Ibaka Quiets the Rumors In Typical 'Serge' Fashion

Serge Ibaka doesn't do rumors...he does art.

The NBA veteran is a free-agent and the rumors have begun to swirl after someone tried to call him out for changing his Bio on his Socials.

Turns out Ibaka wasn't having any of it, and what comes next is just pure gold. 

While the Raptors only appear to be interested in bringing back Ibaka on a one-year deal to give the team flexibility for next off season, Ibaka does have interest in returning to Toronto. Expect Miami and Houston to also be on his radar.

If you haven't done so already, check out Ibaka's YouTube series and be prepared to be grossed the F* out because the dude eats some weird food.

Photo credit:  Icon Sportswire