Video: J.J. Redick Thinks the 76ers 'F***D Up"

J.J Redick was recently on the All the Smoke podcast and boy did it escalate quickly.

The Duke product and New Orleans Pelicans shooting guard was speaking with podcast hosts, Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes and the topic of the Philadelphia 76ers came up. From there, Redick stole the show:

They f***d up not bringing me back, man. They f***d up not bringing me back


Even Kevin Hart would find that a little spicy. 

It was a touch surprising the 76ers decided against bringing Redick back, considering a few things. 76ers general manager, Elton Brand, is also a Duke product and the team now lacks shooting and leadership, two of biggest skills Redick has in his bag of tricks. 

Redick opened up about how the changes in management have led to several changes to their roster and multiple different directions in a short period of time.

I’ve said this before, but the one consistent in Philly has been personnel in and out. Like, you just have a ton of players that come through there. And so I think — Joel talked about this on my podcast — for him, he’s played with like, I don’t even f****** know at this point, hundreds of teammates. It’s just a rotating cast of teammates, you know?

For the full episode, here's episode 47 of the All the Smoke podcast, which has turned it self into one of the best basketball shows on the planet. 

Photo credit: Jevone Moore/Icon Sportswire