76ers Management Addresses Their Two Superstars

The Philadelphia 76ers have made some management decisions over the course of the last few weeks that have included signing a new head coach in Doc Rivers, extending general manager Elton Brand for a few more years, and hiring Daryl Morey from the Houston Rockets to be their new President of Basketball Operations. One thing that's not going to change....their dynamic duo.

Morey, who is always a good quote, spoke to the media and addressed his team and where he sees the 76ers for years to come in the eastern conference:

Joel is a dominant, dominant big man. I’m excited to get back to that,” he said. “I worked with Yao Ming and we got very close [to a title] in Houston with Yao Ming. I think we can go all the way with Joel. I’ve talked to him, Elton (Brand) obviously knows him well, Doc (Rivers) has talked to him, he wants to win a championship.

He’s a smart player who knows you only have so many opportunities. He pushed everyone to improve the organization, improve the roster, and frankly I’m excited to go on this journey with Joel and Ben (Simmons) moving forward.

When a team makes massive changes in the coaching and management departments, they don't ever make blockbuster changes to their roster without playing one game under the new regime.

We should be all able to put those Ben Simmons trade rumors to bed...

Photo credit: Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire