The Toronto Raptors Rumors Are Heating Up!

The Toronto Raptors are a year removed from hoisting the 'Larry O.B' and after a disappointing exit from the Bubble Playoffs, find themselves in a very unique situation. Some of their key pieces are free-agents, and the team has tons of money to spend this year and next. The Raps management team needs to decide whether it's this year or next to go all-in.

First things first, the team needs to take care of the draft. 

According to reports, the team is expected to be 'aggressive' finding talent that fits their mold which could mean moving their pick. If they select, expect someone with length, who can rebound and play defense, and has the ability to develop into a perimeter shooter. 

A member of their management team recently met with the media and had this to say: 

'I think in the last few years it has been a little easier when you are looking talent vs. talent and you are like both of these guys are really really talented, you can kind of rely on fit a little more than you have in the past because you know what style of basketball we are going to play', said Patrick Engelbrecht, the director of global scouting and international affairs for the Toronto Raptors. 'So I think with that, that has been a little bit of a competitive advantage'

The Raptors currently have the 29th pick but are rumored to be interesting in moving up if the right player is still on the board. The team is trying to become the next generation of great teams that find themselves at the bottom of the first-round selections, but somehow leave the party with the best player in the draft.

Photo credit: Prensa Internacional/Zuma Press/Icon Sportswire