Trade Coming from the Charlotte Hornets

The Charlotte Hornets are only one game back of the playoff picture early on this season and their young core is one of the bright spots in the NBA. Rookie LaMelo Ball along with a refreshed Gordon Hayward are doing their parts to help bring playoff basketball back to Charlotte.

One thing that may also help, an elite rebounding big-man. Insert, Andre Drummond of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Drummond is a pending free-agent who is certainly going to be a hot commodity on the market. There's already been rumblings he's going to be bought out to sign with the Brooklyn Nets, but if the Cavs can deal him and get back solid return, you can bet your last dime they will do so.

The Hornets have a number of young guards/wings who would appeal to Cleveland to help Collin Sexton and company get back on the map.

While nothing appears to be imminent at this time, the trade rumblings are picking up and the Hornets are one of the teams actively chatting around the league.

Photo credit:  Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports