Kings Coach Not Listening to Trade Demands From Bagley's Father

Luke Walton knows what it's like to be in a basketball family and the Sacramento Kings head coach certainly knows how to handle some adversity. That's why he's not letting the latest trade rumors regarding Marvin Bagley get to him, after Bagley's father has been throwing some serious shade on social media.

This has all stemmed from Bagley being stapled to the bench during the fourth quarter lately and the forward has only being seeing roughly 25 minutes a night. After the team's game on Saturday, Bagley's father tweeted this out:

Coach Walton was asked about the comments after the game and had this to say to the media:

Well, my message is always the same: We don't listen to any of that. It's us within these walls, us within this locker room, and we're in this together. Like I always say, good or bad, whatever people are saying, we've got to do everything we can not to let that affect what we're trying to get done here.

We know he has a very bright future. ... He's been great as far as actively learning, actively searching out to become better and get a better understanding of these kinds of things.

There are mistakes happening, for sure, but as long as the player is trying and willing to do the things you're asking, you live with those mistakes with young players. That's the way our league is. The best teacher is always going to be experience, so, the more he goes through things the more he'll pick them up.

As of yet it doesn't appear Bagley himself has commented on his playing time or his father's comments but one things for sure, teams will begin to call about his availability on the trade market!

Photo credit: : Ringo Chiu/Zuma Press/Icon Sportswire