The Marvin Bagley Trade Rumors are Heating Up!

Marvin Bagley III was supposed to be a huge part of the Sacramento Kings this season and from all accounts he's finding his spot in their rotation. But if you ask his father, the preference is for his son to play for another team where he can shine even brighter!

Bagley only appeared in 13 games last season averaging 14.2 points per game and 7.5 rebounds. This year he's seen a slight dip in production early on, even with starting all six games. The 21-year-old Duke product is averaging 11.8 points and eight rebounds per game so far this season, in 25 minutes per night. Normally starter minutes are in the low 30's and this type of run hasn't come for Bagley just yet. The last two games Bagley has been glued to the bench in the 4th quarter. 

It appears Bagley needs to shore up his defensive game if he wants some more minutes, and until he does so, don't expect the Kings to give him a longer leash.

If the drama continues, Bagley's pops may get his wish.

Photo credit:  Icon Sportswire