VIDEO: Bradley Beal Goes OFF against the 76ers

When the John Wall trade rumors starting surfacing last fall the Washington Wizards management team made one thing clear, Bradley Beal isn't going anywhere. The team was set to keep their sharpshooter and ended up trading Wall to the Rockets. Last night against the Philadelphia 76ers we all got a glimpse of how great Beal can be.

Beal knocked down 60 points in the high-scoring defeat 141-136, moving the Wizards to 2-6 on the season. He was blazing from the jump starting off 11-16 from deep in the first half and joined some amazing company in Michael Jordan and Gilbert Arenas as the only other two Wizards who have scored 30 plus points in a first half. After three quarters Beal was sitting at 57 points but unfortunately his Wiz were still trailing. What more did Beal have to do?

Meanwhile Joel Embiid was a force for the 76ers, scoring 38 points and was unstoppable late in the game scoring 11 points in the fourth quarter. The 76ers are now 7-1 and the best team in the eastern conference.

Photo credit: Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire