Raptors and Cavaliers Engaged in Trade Talks

The Toronto Raptors and Cleveland Cavaliers are going back and forth in trade discussions and Andre Drummond is the centerpiece of the deal.

Late Sunday night the Cavs made it known to the league they would not be playing Drummond anymore while they work on trading the big-man. The team has passed on the starting gig to Jarrett Allen and will keep Drummond with the team while they work on a deal.

The Raptors will need to make the money work of course, which is going to be the most interested part of this deal. 

Will it be Aron Baynes, Norm Powell, Stanley Johnson and Patrick McCaw?

Regardless, the Raptors are getting desperate for some production from the center position and Drummond would likely be a perfect fit for the club.

Photo credit: © David Richard-USA TODAY Sports