Rumor: LA Lakers to Sign Andre Drummond

The Cleveland Cavaliers have bought out center Andre Drummond after weeks of not finding a dance partner to trade with. The 27-year-old center who hasn't played in weeks is now listening to pitches from teams and working out in Los Angeles. By the sounds of the rumors, Drummond will be signing with the Lakers once his recruitment parade is over.

The Lakers are in the market for the center as their experiment with free-agent Marc Gasol has not gone as planned. The team is battling some injuries to their two stars at the moment and could sign Drummond, allow him to practice with the team for a couple of weeks and get everyone back at the same time. 

Drummond's going to be fresh for the playoffs with this extended break but he wants to play sooner than later to get his timing back. So far this season the big-man has averaged 17.5 points and 13.5 rebounds. The Lakers wouldn't even need that kind of production to win, he would just need to provide them some consistent minutes, shoot a high percentage and rebound his ass off.

Drummond's decision is expected early next week.

Photo credit: © David Richard-USA TODAY Sports