Looking Forward to the 2021 NBA Draft - Cade Cunningham

It's mid-April, but there is already quite a buzz around this year's NBA Draft, taking place July 29, 2021 (location TBD). 

By all accounts, Cade Cunningham is the consensus number one overall pick, having already declared for the draft. Despite the fact that we are 3+ months away from the draft, there doesn't seem to be much that will shake that belief. Cunningham is special. The team with the best luck with ping pong balls will be extremely grateful for the opportunity to have a generational talent on their team for years to come. In his only year at OSU, he was named Big 12 Freshman of the Year & Big 12 Player of the Year, becoming the 4th player to do so following Marcus Smart, Michael Beasley and Kevin Durant. 
At 6'7" with a 7'0" wingspan, Cunningham has dynamic athletic ability combined with a high basketball IQ and great decision-making. He is an excellent long-range shooter and can blow by defenders who play him too close, while being able to finish at the rim with either hand. Needless to say, Cunningham is the most well-rounded player that will come out of the 2021 draft. 

Check out some of his top highlights below... 

Perhaps the more interesting questions is: where will Cunningham be playing in his rookie year? At the moment, there are a few clear contenders - Houston, Minnesota and Detroit, with Orlando and Cleveland having outside chances. For Houston, their top pick is protected 1-4, so if they fall outside the top 4 picks, they will have to send their pick to Oklahoma City which would be a real kick in the teeth. Likewise with Minnesota, if they fall outside the top 3 picks they will have to send their pick to Golden State, giving the Warriors a lottery pick in back-to-back years. 

There is still a lot of time to go, but the tank jobs and inner-workings of the draft have certainly already started. 

Photo Credit: Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports