Kyrie Irving and the Brooklyn Nets Hit With Massive Fines

The NBA has announced the Brooklyn Nets organization along with superstar Kyrie Irving have both been hit with a $35,000 fine for violating the media availability rules. The temperamental Irving and his 'repeated refusal' to participate in postgame interviews has cost him more money as this is the second time both parties have been fined this season.

Last time it was a $25,000 fine and now the price of business has gone up for both the Nets and for Irving. The first offense was before the season started during training camp which basically set the tone for a chaotic year within the organization. If you remember this incident, it was when Irving took to his Instagram to explain himself saying he doesn't talk to 'pawns'. Classy move for hard-working media personnel who don't deserve to be called any names. 

Wait until the playoffs, it's going to happen again and Irving will likely pull attention away from his team and their playoff success just so he can have some more of the spotlight. For someone who apparently doesn't like to chat he sure loves having his name talked about.

Photo credit: © Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports