[WATCH]: Russell Westbrook Ties Oscar Robertson in NBA History Books

Russell Westbrook keeps climbing the NBA record books and on Saturday during the Washington Wizards 133-132 overtime victory over the Indiana Pacers, Westbrook finished with a triple-double, tying Oscar Robertson for 1st all-time in NBA history!

It was his 181st triple-double which he reached late in the third quarter, which in itself is remarkable. Westbrook has been a freak of nature since entering the NBA and his success continues regardless of where he's playing or with who. His triple-double Saturday against the Pacers was his 10th career against the franchise. 

Westbrook had this to say about reaching the milestone:

I take a lot of pride in doing everything I can to impact winning. To be in a conversation with Oscar, I just want to thank him because he set the stage. The things he was able to do back in the day has allowed me to do the things that I do today. So I'm appreciative of that, and I'm appreciative of his support as well.

Not only is Westbrook now tied for 1st in all-time triple-doubles, he moved into 12th on the all-time assists list. Saturday he finished with 33 points, 19 rebounds and 15 dimes, no wonder Bradley Beal calls him the best player he's ever played with and the best teammate he's ever had. Westbrook is a team guy who has battled a reputation of being about himself, which isn't the case at all. 

The triple-double machine looks to break the record on Monday when the Wiz take on the Atlanta Hawks. 

Photo credit: © Doug McSchooler-USA TODAY Sports