Top 3 point guards of all time

With all the buzz around Russell Westbrook after his amazing feat becoming the triple-double king of the NBA, it’s fun to raise the question, who are the best point guards of all time?

Well, let’s first look at what makes a point guard great. Ball handling skills that lead to low turnovers would be one, as is the ability to shoot the ball efficiently from mid to long range.

But perhaps the most important attribute a point guard requires to make them stand out is the ability to make the players around them better. This is an often overlooked skill these days with how much the position (and several others) has changed in the last decade with an increased emphasis on the three-point shot.

Despite how great a talent Westbrook is – any player who scores, assists and grabs rebounds like Westbrook is undeniably special – it does not necessarily make him one of the Top 3 point guards of all time, even if he accomplished something no other player has.

Point guards are floor generals who manage a team on the court – similar to an NFL quarterback – and because of this, stats are not always the most important factor when determining their greatness.

Here is the list:

#1 Magic Johnson

Career stats: 19.5ppg, 11.2apg, 7.2rpg

A five-time NBA champion, Johnson is hands down the best point guard the league has ever seen. Not only did Johnson make his team and everyone around him better, he was clutch when it mattered, oversized for his position and a winner, taking home three NBA Finals and regular season MVPs.

#2 Isiah Thomas

Career stats: 19.2ppg, 9.3apg, 3.6rpg

For many basketball fans, this can be painful to admit, but Thomas was a phenomenal point guard. He was the type of player that if he was on your team, you loved him, if he wasn’t, you hated him, which is why so many people disliked the two-time NBA champion and 12-time All Star.

#3 Chris Paul

Career stats: 18.3ppg, 9.4apg, 4.5rpg

Wherever Chris Paul goes, the team gets better. Paul is a true floor general, one who has been in the NBA since 2005 playing for the Hornets, Clippers, Rockets and now the Suns, leading Phoenix to a 48-20 2020-21 season (as of May 11) and the second seed in the West. He is tough, gritty and a steady leader on and off the court.

Photo credit: USA TODAY via Imagn Content Services, LLC