War of Words Between Beal & Bazemore

The NBA's tightest scoring race in nearly a decade has set some people on edge, as comments have been flying back and forth between Bradley Beal and Kent Bazemore

Commenting about teammate Steph Curry's performance against OKC on Saturday night at shootaround on Monday morning Bazemore, stated the following: 

Forty-nine points in 29 minutes, though, that's unreal. Then we got guys hurting hamstrings, trying to keep up. So, ya'll gotta do some research on that.

Bazemore was clearly referencing the fact that Beal didn't play at the end of regulation or overtime in Washington's win over Indiana, even though he scored 50 points in the game. It was only a matter of time before Beal heard the comments and clapped back on Twitter. 

Needless to say, Beal is pretty pissed off about the comments made by a player who isn't even half the player he is. Beal is competing with Curry for the scoring lead, and is averaging 26.1 ppg over his last five full seasons, while Bazemore is on his fifth team in his career and owns a 8.5 ppg career average. Beal shouldn't worry about Bazemore, and should continue to focus on his own team and his own personal play. 

Photo Credit: Doug McSchooler-USA TODAY Sports