Damian Lillard Fed Up, Rumor He Wants Out of Portland!

Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports is reporting that Damian Lillard may be ready to request a trade out of Portland, after blowback from Trail Blazers fans over the impending hire of new head coach Chauncey Billups and the inability of the team to contend for a title. 

Lillard has been getting into it with fans on social media, who are hating on him for his supposed endorsement of Chauncey Billups (and also Jason Kidd) as head coach, due to each of their histories with sexual assault accusations.  

Lillard says he was simply asked what coaches he liked of the names that were out there, and he named them. Haynes reports that Billups wasn't one of the names, and that Lillard wasn't really consulted on the hiring process.

Dame also says he wasn't aware of the decades-old allegations against Billups and Kidd. The question is, has it gotten to the point of no return with Lillard and Blazers fans? 

"Til sorry don't help"? That could be interpreted as a not-so-veiled threat to demand a trade out of Rip City. 

If he does want out, there are a number of fan bases ready and willing to take him on.

Stay tuned. This story is only beginning. 

Photo Credit: Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports