Video: James Harden Injury Update; Kevin Durant comments — "Sh** sucks... I want him to be out there"


As the Brooklyn Nets await more word on James Harden's hamstring injury, Kevin Durant let his feelings known about Harden's bad break: "Sh** sucks."

For now, the Nets are calling the injury "hamstring tightness" and he is confirmed OUT for Game 2.  

This is the same hamstring that kept Harden out for a month during the regular season. Injury expert Dr. Jesse Morse feels this could keep him out possibly longer than just Game 2. 

Dr. Jesse Morse says there simply isn't enough time between now and the upcoming games to get that hamstring tissue ready for the demands of an NBA game. Coming back too soon can lead to a re-injury and a much lengthier absence. 

Photo Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports