Danny Green Blasts 76ers Fans, Defends Ben Simmons

Danny Green made a guest appearance on John Clark's Takeoff podcast today, in which he openly expressed his views on the Philadelphia 76ers fanbase as well as their relationship with Ben Simmons. After being asked by Clark whether the Philly crowd had an effect on NBA players such as Ben Simmons, Green spoke at length regarding the nature of 76ers fans, stating that "it's something that needs to change in our city. I love our fans, but when things aren't going well, they can't turn on you. That's the one thing I would disagree with or dislike. Some guys use it as motivation, some guys have a chip on their shoulder, but I think that needs to change. They need to be riding with us, regardless of how things are going." Green went even further, suggesting that the 76ers fanbase has a "mantra" of being "cold, rough, and one of the worst in the league". Listen to the full episode here.

Green also elaborated on fans' treatment of Ben Simmons after his subpar playoff performance, saying, "with a guy like Ben, and other guys, I think they need to stick behind them and stick by them as long as they can, until the horn blows. And even then, he's here. He's given so much to the organization and the city, on and off the court, that he deserves that respect and that support." 

While Green's comments have gotten a mixed reception on Twitter, there is no doubt that it's sometimes hard to argue with his points about 76ers fans:

Green's most potent statement came toward the end of his answer, however: "We are humans and people, too. We're not zoo animals where you can throw things or be on our side when it's convenient." This is a sentiment that has been previously echoed by other notable athletes such as Kyrie Irving, who, after getting a water bottle thrown at him earlier in these playoffs, said that NBA players were treated "like they're in a human zoo". 

While Green's comments will doubtless spark debate among NBA fans, the twelve-year veteran was clearly not afraid to be honest with his words. Green is currently a free agent.

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