Celtics in 'Conversations' With Free Agent Outcast Dennis Schroder; "This is tough to watch."


He turned down a 4-year, $84 million dollar offer from the Los Angeles Lakers during his one and only season there last year. Now, Dennis Schroder, it seems, is practically begging teams to sign him as a free agent. Currently, one report has him in talks with the Boston Celtics.

The Celtics are thin at point guard, after trading away Kemba Walker in the offseason. They've brought in the unproven Kris Dunn to pair with Marcus Smart, but are looking for more in that department. 

As NBA Insider Marc Stein has laid it out, Schroder is unlikely to get anywhere close to the $84 million he scoffed at. 

Stein says "it's staggering that he turned down the $84 million offer from the Lakers. This is tough to watch. There's been so little Schroder discussion."

Perhaps his delusions of just over a month ago, when Schroder insisted he was looking for up to $120 million in free agency, have something to do with it. 

But with the Celtics rumored to have some interest, there may be some salvation for Schroder yet. 

 Photo Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports