NBA Investigating 4 Teams on Tampering Violations on Free Agent Sign-and-Trades

NBA Insider Adrian Wojnarowski has just dropped the bomb that the Chicago Bulls, New Orleans Hornets, Miami Heat and Toronto Raptors are being investigated on tampering charges over the Lonzo Ball and Kyle Lowry sign-and-trades this week.

The Chicago Bulls announced a 4-year, $85 million deal for Ball in the first minute of the opening of free agency on Monday at 6:00pm ET. Maybe that was a bit of a tip-off, perhaps?

As for Lowry, his sign-and-trade deal with the Heat was reported by numerous sources a day before the official opening of free agency. A little too obvious, maybe? The Heat, Raptors, Bulls, and Pelicans have some explaining to do to Adam Silver. 

The NBA can investigate early contact before the deadline by auditing phone, text and email records of the executives in question. 

According to Woj, the penalties for tampering were stiffened significantly by the NBA in 2019, leading to possible suspensions, $10 million dollar fines, and even contract nullifications. 

Yikes. Maybe Lowry and Lonzo should hold off for now on getting those new team jerseys fitted.  

Photo Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports