Report: Lou Williams Signs in Atlanta

One of the greatest bench players in NBA history, unrestricted free agent Lou Williams has signed back with the Atlanta Hawks. Williams, entering his 17th season, has reportedly signed a one year deal worth $5M to come back to the Hawks. 
Williams started last season with the LA Clippers, but was traded in late March to the Hawks in order to bolster Atlanta's playoff hopes. Between the two teams, Williams averaged 11.3 ppg off the bench, which was his lowest scoring average since the 2013-14 season - his last season in Atlanta before being traded back. Following the trade, Williams admitted that he wasn't ready to leave LA and considered retirement rather than play in Atlanta, saying: 
I thought about retiring yesterday. You give so much to an organization and you wake up and boom, it’s no more. Then in true Clipper nation fashion I was reminded that my talent and contribution was appreciated and it made me reflect on what’s to come. There’s plenty left in my tank and I’m privileged to continue my career in my backyard.
Being a three-time NBA Sixth Man of the Year, there were many suitors for Sweet Lou's services - rumors were floating around during the offseason that Williams would join either the Lakers, Warriors or Bucks, before ultimately re-signing with the Hawks. 
A second round pick (45th overall) in the 2005 NBA Draft, Williams has had one of the more successful careers out of that class, placing second overall in total points scored - sitting only behind Chris Paul - while coming in fourth for Win Shares. 

Photo Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports