Doc Rivers Begs For Simmons to Return: "We want him back!"


Over the course of the summer, there's been a lot of word out of the Ben Simmons camp, on his desire to move on from the Philadelphia 76ers, and his blaming of coach Doc Rivers for their communications problems. Now Doc has gone on the record, saying he really wants the beleaguered point guard back:

Rivers appeared on ESPN's First Take with Stephen A. Smith today, and says "I can tell you upfront: we would love to get Ben back."

When Smith asked him about Rivers' reported comment after their playoff loss in Game 7 to the Atlanta Hawks—that he didn't think Simmons was a championship point guard—Rivers denied saying it.

"I never said what was reported.... (I said) 'I don't even know how to answer that'. That had nothing to do with Ben. I just basically said I'm not answering that crap."

It was being portrayed that I was out there saying 'I don't think we can win with Ben'. (And) I do. I told Ben that the next day.

Rivers went on to say, "I just love how he plays, I love a lot of the things he does for our team... We can win the title with Ben. I just believe that."

At this point, Simmons has emphatically stated that he has played his last game for the Sixers, and wants to be traded. He has also insisted that he will not report to training camp next week. 

Trade him? Fine him? The ball is now squarely in the Sixers' court. 

Photo Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports