"You Can Just Feel The Excitement!": Mark Cuban Says Prozingis Is Finally Fully Healthy

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is never one to shy away from hyperbole, but he thinks he has good reason to be really excited about Kristaps Prozingis this year as a star second option. 

Talking about Porzingis, Cuban told NBA Radio that "This is the first time that he's coming into a season with the Mavs fully healthy... and that's just a huge difference."

Ever since they acquired him from the Knicks in 2019, Porzingis has been looked at as a necessary "2nd star" behind superstar Luka Doncic. But he hasn't lived up to that, mostly (they hope) due to injuries.

"He had gotten hurt in the 'bubble', and so just the dynamic of 'how do you get healthy' was completely different last year (due to the short turnaround).... For KP, it's just confidence in his body."

Porzingis averaged 20 points and 9 rebounds in just 43 games last season, but in the playoffs, his production fell off a cliff, posting just 13 points per game and 5.4 rebounds. He also shot just 29% from three in those seven playoff games.

Now, however, according to Cuban, KP is feeling good, and ready to be that No. 2 option:

"He's having fun... and smiling and laughing... You can just feel the energy and the leadership, and just the excitement coming from him."

KP's teammates can feel it too.

Porzingis' frontcourt partner Dwight Powell agrees: “I think KP’s going to thrive in whatever position he’s put in this season,” Powell said. “I’m sure about that.”

It's been reported that KP's position will indeed be power forward, with Powell manning the five.

The Mavericks are hyped to let the games begin.

Photo Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports