"A Sad Excuse For A Professional!": Stephen A. Smith GOES OFF On Kyrie Irving & Nets


The Brooklyn Nets' embarrassing blowout loss to the Golden State Warriors at Barclays Center was certainly a low point of the season for the Nets. But leave it to Stephen A. Smith to call it out for what it really is. He mostly directly his ire at Kyrie Irving, whose anti-vax stance has left the Nets without him for the entire season. 

Smith called Kyrie "a sad excuse for a professional," and didn't stop there. 

"I actually hope Kyrie Irving gets cut. I mean, this is a disgrace... Straight garbage!"

The Nets banned Irving from participating at all this season, as long as he is a "part-time player". And that's the best he could be at this point since the New York City vaccine mandate precludes him from entering Barclays Center given his unvaccinated status. 

Stephen A.'s vitriol went further than Kyrie. He also targeted Kevin Durant, telling him, "you're all alone out there... You made the wrong decision by going to Brooklyn.... Why? Because Kyrie Irving betrayed you! And while you were getting your ass kicked last night.... they were actually cheering for Steph Curry in Brooklyn!"

He also went at James Harden: "You gotta get your act together, bro.... You are a superstar, and you are not looking like one." 

Smith summed up the Nets' current state of affairs with "Steve Nash ain't up to the task at the moment... Kyrie's busy thinking about himself... KD is miserable, (and) James Harden damn near wants out!"

Smith's tirade lasted a full 7 minutes. Watch in all its gory glory: