Charles Barkley Tells Sixers To "Stop Kissing (Ben Simmons') @ss!"

Charles Barkley spent the majority of his Hall of Fame career in the NBA with the Philadelphia 76ers. They're still his team. And he is FED UP with the Sixers continually giving more chances to disgruntled holdout star Ben Simmons. 

"They've bent over backwards to kiss this dude's a--," says Sir Charles. "Now it's time to start KICKING his a--!"

Barkley explained that they've simply given Simmons too many chances. 

"This dude has done everything he can, not to be 're-recruited'. They started off the season begging him to come back... They wanted to go see him, he said 'don't come see me.' (Then) because he wanted to get paid, he came back... then he acted like a jerk in practice, and they kicked him out. They gave him another chance, (and they said) 'ok, you got some issues,' and he said 'No, I don't want to see your guys.' 

Barkley was referring to Simmons' claims that he wasn't "mentally ready" to play, and he chose to consult with players' association mental health specialists, refusing the Sixers' offer of help. That prompted Philly to fine him for missing a game last week, since he wasn't cooperating with the team's attempts of assistance.

And now, according to NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski, Simmons has finally agreed to meet with a Sixers team-recommended mental health physician. But Barkley wasn't buying it. "It's just so he can start getting paid again!"

This game of "chicken" that the Sixers and Simmons are playing has simply gone too far, according to Sir Charles.