"Sad & Disgusting!": Enes Kanter Rips LeBron James On Twitter


Never one to hold back his political beliefs, Boston Celtics center Enes Kanter, in advance of Friday night's game against the Los Angeles Lakers, has come out on Twitter blasting LeBron James for turning a blind eye to the alleged "slave labor" Nike uses in China to produce James' shoe line.

"Money over Morals for the 'King'," wrote Kanter. "Sad & disgusting how these athletes pretend they care about social justice. They really do “shut up & dribble” when Big Boss (China flag) says so," continued Kanter.  "Did you educate yourself about the slave labor that made your shoes or is that not part of your research?"

With 10 warrants for his arrest from his native Turkey for blasting their human rights practices, taking on LeBron is probably small potatoes for Kanter. In fact, the Turkish government has revoked his passport and accused him of terrorism. 

This isn't the first time Kanter has targeted China, either. He ripped into Nike's Phil Knight last month over China's human rights injustices.

On the court, Kanter's second tour of duty with the Celtics isn't winning him any brownie points either, having gotten in to just four games thus far for head coach Ime Udoka, averaging 2.3 points and 2.8 rebounds.