Simmons to the Bucks?

It marks 153 days since Ben Simmons last suited up for the Philadelphia 76ers in a Game 7 loss to the Atlanta Hawks. Since then, Ben has dominated the entire NBA news cycle when it came to light that the 25-year-old Point Guard and Sixers brass were not on the same page regarding the future of the young phenom.

At this point, a trade seems like the only way for both parties to move on and improve. Given the unorthodox situation both the 76ers and Simmons find themselves in, it is likely time for an unorthodox solution. One team that may be able to swoop in and take advantage of this situation is none other than the World Champion Milwaukee Bucks.

Bleacher Report's NBA staff muses that a deal centered around Ben Simmons for Jrue Holiday could help both sides.

What's in it for the Bucks? Why would the Bucks break up a roster that just won a championship? It's still early but the Bucks currently sit in 11th in the, suddenly competitive, Eastern Conference with a record of 7-8. In Simmons, they would get an All-NBA defender who can legitimately guard 5 positions and would instantly combine with Giannis to form an elite defensive rotation. Simmons is also 5 years younger than Jrue Holiday and locked up for 4 more years making for effective asset management if a deal was able to be struck.

What's in it for the 76ers? It's no secret that Ben Simmons and the 76ers are at odds with each other, so from the perspective of Sixers management, it's time to move on from a former #1 overall pick but not time to give him away for nothing. In Holiday, Philadelphia gets an All-NBA defender to replace Ben at the point while also gaining a guard with an extensive history of working well with prized big-men (see. Anthony Davis, Giannis Antentokounmpo).

While highly unlikely, it's hard not to salivate at the possibilities for both teams. Watch below for the best plays in Simmons' career.

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports