VIDEO: "Hellacious" Posterizing of Matthew Dellavedova Leads To Brawl in Australian League

Matthew Dellavedova was often known to be a scrappy player in his NBA days, but this weekend he was pretty much turned to scrap—the posterized victim of a vicious dunk that led to a brawl in the National Basketball League of Australia. 

South East Melbourne's Mitch Creek absolutely demolished Dellavedova, now playing with Melbourne United, with a nasty hammer dunk, then stood over him with a taunt, before Delly's teammate Mason Peatling came in and decked Creek with a shoulder to the jaw, leading to a wild scene. 

Creek got up from the tackle and immediately went after Peatling, before the whole scrum of players on the floor began jostling in the melee. 

"It's not rugby, it's basketball," said Creek of the bodycheck that took him down. "If you want to play that way, they can f---ing play that way."

Peatling was ejected for his actions, while Creek received a technical for taunting. 

Dellavedova was his team's leading scorer and rebounder in the game, with 19 and 10, and to his credit, he stood in against the much taller Creek to try to stop the vicious flush, but Creek's momentum was too much for him to handle.