Breaking News: Klay Thompson 2022 Debut Date Appears Set

The day that Golden State Warriors fans have been waiting 2-and-a-half years for now appears to be set. NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski reports that "there's optimism" that Klay Thompson will be making his 2022 debut this Sunday, at home, against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

If Klay's New Year's Day workout is any indication, he is definitely ready. 

The Warriors play this week in Dallas and New Orleans, before returning home on Friday, when a final decision will be made. His debut has always been set to be on home court. Klay himself said this week that he wanted to give the home fans what they want.

And despite not being part of the lineup that's made itself into the best team in the NBA thus far this season, at 28-7, make no mistake about it, Thompson will slot right back into the starting lineup, alongside his Splash Brother Steph Curry. 

“Klay’s gonna start when he comes back," head coach Steve Kerr said recently. "I’m not gonna mess around, bring him off the bench." 

Thompson has been out since June 2019, after suffering an ACL tear in the NBA Finals, then an Achilles tear a year later during his rehab. 

All eyes will be on the Chase Center in San Francisco this Sunday, as Klay should make his big splash back into the league.