Westbrook Shoots Back At Critics: "My Game Is Fine"


He has quickly become the lightning rod for controversy around the Los Angeles Lakers this season, as they wallow around at the .500 mark nearly halfway through the schedule. Westbrook's volatile style on the court can lead to both tremendous highs and disastrous lows, but one thing's for certain: he ain't changing. 

"My game...is fine. My game is not predicated on shots or if I turn the ball over," insisted Westbrook. "I miss some shots, that's part of the game. I'm allowed to miss shots. I can do that. Like any other player, I can turn the ball over too. That's all a part of the game." 

Russ is steadfast in not changing the way he plays, and that will result in turnovers (he leads the league in this category, after 9 in the previous game), and, as he admits, missed shots (he was 0/5 from long range last game). And while teammates continue to stick up for him, his detractors will remain on his case, posting sometimes hilarious botched plays, bad shots and bad decisions.  

And yet, he continues to post triple-doubles (4 in the last 6 games), and his teammates are standing by him.

Citing Russ's activity level, and ability to be a disrupter on the court, Carmelo Anthony said, "we gotta just let him go; let him be... we're just there to support him, let him figure it out, and we'll be right there by his side."

As long as Westbrook is a Laker, the narrative will remain the same. 

Photo Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports