Disappointing News for Nets As Joe Harris Struggling With Rehab

The Brooklyn Nets have been without sharpshooter Joe Harris for 32 games now, and the news out of his rehab is not exactly encouraging. According to Nets reporter Brian Lewis of the New York Post, Harris has had some "setbacks".

Head coach Steve Nash described Harris' ankle recovery as being "tricky" thus far. “Yeah there’s been some awareness (of the ankle injury) and irritation. He’s been doing a tug-of-war between making progress and then having some irritation. It’s really a process that's been tricky.”

Nash continued, “He’s had some flareups. I’m reluctant to talk about it because I’m not a doctor, so I don’t want to say the wrong thing. But he’s had some flareups, little setbacks here and there. But he’s continuing to stay positive and work on his rehab and try to overcome it.”

Doctor or not, Nash's comments make it clear that Harris' return isn't exactly around the corner. 

Harris had ankle surgery at the end of November, and it's safe to say that the Nets have missed his shooting. He'd been shooting 46.6% from three-point range, following up his 47.5% last season. 

The 30-year-old guard had been remarkably durable in his first 4 seasons with the Nets, missing only a total of 16 games over that span. He's doubled that total this season. 

Despite his absence, and also being without Kevin Durant for the next month or so, the Nets remain just a half-game back of the Miami Heat for top spot in the Eastern Conference.

Photo Credit: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports