NBA Rumors: Two Names Pistons Would Consider for Jerami Grant


The Detroit Pistons Jerami Grant is universally regarded as the top trade deadline target amongst most contenders around the NBA. But, according to Pistons insider James L. Edwards III, the offers "haven't been pouring in." Yet. 

There are a number of teams that have expressed interest, but as of now, says Edwards, the talk can be characterized more as "conversations" than actual offers. He does expect that to ramp up, however, as we approach Feb. 10th, now just 2 1/2 weeks away. 

There are apparently two names that Edwards has gathered would perk up the Pistons' ears: John Collins of the Atlanta Hawks and Patrick Williams of the Chicago Bulls. 

Collins has definitely been floated around trade talks, as he's expressed his unhappiness in the current Hawks situation, and he's signed for several years. 

Williams has been out since October after tearing ligaments in his wrist, but the 20-year-old forward is a top prospect, the No. 4 pick in the 2020 draft by the Bulls. The Pistons are building from the bottom up, and a young player of his caliber would be a nice fit. 

As for Grant, Edwards says he and Pistons GM Troy Weaver have a great relationship, and they'd be on the same page about any potential move. 

Photo Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports