NBA Rumors: 76ers Looking For "Lillard, James Harden, Bradley Beal or Jaylen Brown"

The ongoing Ben Simmons drama has grown tiring for some, but the latest news out of Philadelphia gives some insight as to why there seems to be such a stalemate in regards to an actual trade developing involving the disgruntled 3x All-Star.  Bleacher Report's Jake Fischer has reported that Philadelphia's market for Simmons "remains static":

Philadelphia officials maintain their major stakeholders—from ownership and Morey's front office to Doc Rivers and Joel Embiid—are aligned in waiting for someone on par with Lillard, James Harden, Bradley Beal or Jaylen Brown to become available...

While it's admirable that everyone is on the same page, it also explains why the odds of a deal for Simmons actually being made would have to be considered low.  At that asking price, what team really thinks they will be improving their roster when trading for such a wildcard in Simmons?  Perhaps the inclusion of a third team could help facilitate a deal as Fischer further outlines:

The Sixers have similarly continued to discuss three-team trade packages with Sacramento, Indiana and Minnesota, the three most consistent suitors mentioned for Simmons dating back to the offseason. In those frameworks, Philadelphia is still requesting a team to reroute one of the Sixers' coveted All-Star-calibre partners for Joel Embiid.

By the sounds of it, the 76ers are not going to blink first, and unless they are receiving an All-Star calibre player, expect to see the Ben Simmons trade drama extend well into next summer.

Photo Credit: © Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports