"He Acting Like A Baby!": Ben Simmons PISSED At Shaq For Criticism, Sends Angry DMs

One of the big knocks on Ben Simmons is that he doesn't take criticism well. Basically, that's why he's been holding out all season and refuses to ever play for the Philadelphia 76ers again. Once again, he's proved that he's not improved on his handling of tough talk, as he went and blasted Shaquille O'Neal with a series of angry DMs for Shaq's public comments about him being "soft."

"He acting like a baby! He got on my DM and said some things... All I said is 'you leaving your man out there (Embiid), you need to play.' And he (came at me) and said some things... He mad, 'cuz I'm his LSU brother."

Now, to be clear, here's what Shaq actually said about Ben on TNT's Inside The NBA last week:

"The difference between (Embiid) and his soft partner is, he can take criticism without being a crybaby. And he still wants to play... The other guy (Simmons) I don't respect." 

Then Shaq referred back to the whole reason Simmons is sitting out this season: "You're missing a whole season because they asked your coach a question 'can we win with you' and your coach gave a funny answer. That should tell you that you need to get out in the summer and work on your game.

"Great players get criticized, but the great players also step up to the criticism and perform. So this other guy (Simmons), I don't respect him. I would get rid of him."

Now Simmons is DMing Shaq, and he's MAD. But again, Shaq asks, and laughs, "What are you mad at?"

"Why is he mad? Who are you mad at?" laughs Shaq. "You mad because coach hurt your little feelings?... I think he really got exposed last year about how tough he is up here (points at his head)."