Major Buyout Candidate Taken OFF The Market

For teams still looking for a backup point guard on the buyout market, they'll have to look somewhere other than Houston, as the Rockets and Dennis Schroder have decided not to execute a buy-out, and he'll stay a Rocket for the balance of the season. 

This is an interesting decision, since the Rockets have been paying another veteran, John Wall, $44M to sit out the season so that they can "develop" their young backcourt of Jalen Green and Kevin Porter Jr.  

Schroder only makes $5.9M this season, and becomes a free agent this summer. He was providing solid backup minutes for the Celtics this season, averaging 14.4 points and 4.2 assists, but all it took was three games in Houston for the team to decide to keep him around. He's actually started two of those games, and has averaged 12 points and 7.7 assists with the Rockets, including a 23 points, 9 assist effort against the Phoenix Suns. 

The Rockets will hold Schroder's non-Bird rights this summer.

Photo Credit: Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports