NBA Rumors: 3 Wing Players Most Likely To Be Traded


Ask any contending team what they need at the trade deadline, and almost all of them will mention a wing player who can shoot threes. Give them a 3-and-D guy, and they're all set. With that in mind, here's a look at 3 of the wing players most likely to be traded by the Feb. 10th deadline. 

Joe Ingles

Although he was a major leader and well-liked in the locker room, Ingles was already a major trade piece for the Utah Jazz, but the season-ending ACL injury he suffered this week has actually served to bump up his likelihood of being traded. He's been on the trade block going all the way back to the NBA Draft in the summer, according to NBA Insider Jake Fischer, but "the fact that he's no longer playing, dramatically increases his chances of being moved... almost 100% that he's going to get dealt." Many teams will be able to use that expiring $13M contract. 

Robert Covington

The Portland Trail Blazers have a number of players getting attention at the trade deadline, including Jusuf Nurkic and CJ McCollum (who has garnered great interest from one Western Conference team). But Covington—a true 3-and-D guy—seems like the most likely candidate, as the Blazers seem to be backing off moving Nurkic, and McCollum's hefty contract could scare off some potential suitors. 

Covington has "a greater fit in a lot of different scenarios" including Golden State and Phoenix, according to Fischer, along with other teams on the brink of contention. 

Terrence Ross

Another veteran wing player who's been a trade candidate for years now, the Orlando Magic certainly don't need him, and with an affordable contract (only one year left after this one, at $11M), he can likely be had for a low cost. The caveat here is that the 30-year-old Ross is not having his best year, averaging only 11.3 points, and shooting only 31.4% from long range—that's down five points from his career average of 36.4%.

Feb. 10th could be a busy day for veteran wing players swapping sides.

Photo Credit: Mike Watters-USA TODAY Sports