NBA Insider: James Harden Is "SCREAMING" For a Trade!

The Philadelphia 76ers and Brooklyn Nets are in frantic negotiations to try to work out a Ben Simmons/James Harden blockbuster before Thursday's trade deadline, and according to ESPN's Brian Windhorst, Harden is "is screaming in every way he possibly can, 'I don't want to be here; get me out of here.'"

Windhorst made the comments on ESPN's Greeny show Wednesday morning.
"Ho ho! Greeny, I can't tell you how much James Harden wants this," Windhorst told Mike Greenberg. "...His actions over the last like 10 days are basically a threat to the Nets."

Actions like "shutting down on the team", particularly on defense, which we reported yesterday. Windhorst described the 4-point game that Harden had in a Nets game in Sacramento last night, and was basically "on quasi-strike" on defense. Watch several clips of Harden appearing not to give any effort whatsoever on defense, here. 

Windhorst says the real issue for the Nets right now is not the consequences of making this trade, but the consequences of NOT making this trade. "If they don't do this trade, what is James Harden going to do the rest of the season? And what is he going to do when he becomes a free agent this summer?"

Harden is basically feeling, says Windhorst, "'I don't want to be here anymore.'"

3pm ET Thursday is the deadline to make it happen.