"Shut Yo' A** Up!!": Lebron James Gets INTO IT With Lakers Courtside Fans After Another Blowout Loss

Have we hit rock bottom yet with this year's Los Angeles Lakers? In yet another embarrassing loss—this one by 28 points at home to the New Orleans Pelicans—fans were booing LeBron James, and he and other Laker players were spitting fire back at courtside fans. 

LeBron responded to the hometown hecklers with “What do you know about basketball other than the ball going in or not? Shut yo a** up!” 

Trevor Ariza was even more demonstrative, with “I don’t give a fu** what you are! You a b*tch! How about that?”, while Russell Westbrook shouted at angry fans to "Go home!"

The boos aimed at LeBron were louder than he's ever heard before from his own home fans:

The Lakers were thoroughly outplayed in this game, turning the ball over 16 times in the first half alone—an all-time worst for any LeBron team—while shooting 7-for-34 from long range (21%), and being outscored 44-25 in the 3rd quarter. 

After the game, LeBron said they simply had "no answers" for the Pelicans, while on a grander scale, Westbrook admitted that teams are coming in to their arena and just "playing harder" than they are. 

The Lakers are 9th in the West, six games under .500 at 27-33. 

Photo Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports