"They're The Worst Team In The West!": Lakers CLOWNED By Suns Guard

After yet another embarrassing loss for the once-proud Los Angeles Lakers, the franchise has hit perhaps its lowest point. In fact, Cam Payne of the Phoenix Suns inadvertently destroyed the Lakers by calling them "the worst team in the West." 

He was caught on mic during a live Twitter chat, but didn't know it was being recorded—listen here:

"We the No. 1 team in the world, and you worried about the f——n' Lakers,” Payne said. “They the worst team in the West.” 

Once he was told his mic was hot, and he was being recorded, he seemed to tamp down his words quite a bit. "That's fine, they can hear it, bro. We respect the Lakers, we respect every team in the NBA."

Yes, the Suns ARE the best in the world, 44-10, and runaway leaders in the NBA, while the Lakers are... well... embarrassing right now. 

And safe to say, even the most legendary Laker of all, Magic Johnson, is feeling the pain that Cam Payne is dishing. 

"After the @Lakers loss to Portland tonight, I'm speechless."

But another Laker legend, James Worthy, was not speechless. He called this "the lowest point" he's ever witnessed in Lakers history. 

Photo Credit: Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports