Danny Green Throwing Shade At Ben Simmons Again

Danny Green has not been shy about letting his feelings known regarding his former teammate Ben Simmons. He was at it again on the Ryan Rusillo podcast this morning. 

"We all tried to reach out (to Simmons before the season)... I think he might have changed his number." He added that nobody talked to Ben throughout the summer until he finally showed up for a couple of days of training camp. Finally there, he told them "Put your seatbelts on, I'm gonna stand my ground and make this trade happen."

He also said, as the season went along and it was clear Ben would not be returning, Sixers players would openly talk trade scenarios amongst themselves. 

"We actually threw out ideas, on who would we get... who can we get for him... We did have some fun playing GM scenarios."

Green made headlines with his savage trashing of Simmons last month, saying (correctly, as it turns out) that he doubts the ex-Sixer would dare play in the March 10th game in Philly. 

Should be interesting to watch the interaction between Green—who is also out for tonight's game with a finger injury—and Simmons. Not quite as interesting as the interaction between the Philly fans and their ex-point guard, but still...

Photo Credit: Mitchell Leff-USA TODAY Sports