Miami Heat Adding Former All-Star To Lineup Monday

It's been a long time coming... Nearly 10 months. But finally recovered from quad tendon surgery last May, Miami Heat guard Victor Oladipo is set to make his return to the lineup on Monday. 

After the Heat acquired him last season from Houston, Oladipo only played in four games for Miami before suffering the injury. 

The Heat currently lead the Eastern Conference by 2 games, and might not look back if Oladipo can regain his form. 

The 29-year-old is a solid two-way wing player when healthy, and has averaged 17.5 points per game in his career, to go along with 4.6 rebounds and 4 assists.  He was an all-star with Indiana in 2017-18 and 2018-19, but injuries to his right knee have derailed his career for the last three years. 

Last month, Heat elder statesman Udonis Haslem already expressed confidence about what Oladipo was ready to bring to the Miami bench upon his return: “I’ve seen enough to know he’s definitely better than he was last year."

If Oladipo can return to anything close to his two-time All-Star form, the Heat will be another level of scary. 

Photo Credit: Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports